Berserker Islands
Here you can see the 5 different Land types. Each one gives you a small amount of researchpoints and Imperials every 12 hours (you had to collect them manually). The amount depends on the distance to your Tower (center). The Tower itself generates nothing. On the right picture you can see 2 complete "Rings" and a third one under contruction. The first "Ring" gives you 100 Imperials and 100 Researchpoints. The second 80 and the third 60. This scheme goes on and on ...

The little tents show you that a Governor is placed here. Governors can be bots or Friends.

The floating modal window over the islands shows you the income and time until next harvest.

Now let us examine the top left corner.

  1. Island Size which shows you the amount of tiles of your Island represented by a number.
  2. The second one is your Income of Imperials per day.
  3. The Garrison (Squads) used to defend you Land.
  4. Amount of tiles conquered by Barbarians.
  5. And the last one shows the amount of Land conquered by Ungars.

With the three Buttons to the left shows you

  • the Protection Mode which protects your Land from being attacked but allows you to attack other Players and conquer new Land.
  • the Vacation Mode which protects your Land even from Barbarians but you'll be unable to do any Battles.
  • the Help Button which should be self explaining.

The two bottom windows only appear if you click on a Land. Here you can see more detailed Informations (mentioned above) and set a Governor for this tile.